Dear Dennis,
In nov of 2007 , my home burned to the ground. We lived in a trailer on the side of my property for 11 months until we could get the insurance company to rebuild. We finally moved into our new home in August 30,2008. The very next day after moving in, we were sent foreclosure papers and in it they stated because we did not continue to pay the mortgage on the home that burned down. We were told by our insurance company that the policy we had was taking care of the payments.  We believed them.  Little did we know we would get foreclosure papers.  During the next seven years, we would be fighting to stay in our home.  At one point we were told that we needed to pay 127,000 for back mortgage and attorney fees. We filed for bankruptcy multiple times.  Since then we have been paying 35-3800.00 dollars monthly  and have paid in 75,000 dollars.  The bank has finally foreclosed on the property and won after six years of fighting. I have asked multiple times to rewrite the loan or give me a letter so I could get it refinanced, which each time has been denied.  In a way, I feel I am being harassed by this company and have been trying to find a lawyer to help me and my family through this so that I may keep my home. Can you please give me some advice on where I can go from here.  This is putting a strain on the family as well as myself.   Thank You

I am a licensed Real Estate Broker in Wisconsin and cannot answer legal questions. I suggest you contact a local Real Estate Attorney. Make sure they have experience in Real Estate.

I've seen how banks and lenders lead people along, then pull the rug out from under them. As usual, they will collect fees and interest while your loan never seems to diminish. It seems they have both laws and law makers on their side.

And be careful of any help offered on the Internet. There are more people online making money off those foreclosures than we can imagine. Make sure you talk to an attorney face to face.  


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