QUESTION: Ok. I'm worried that could lose my home. I wanted to know my rights and/or do I need to worried.  
I'm applied for modification on my house payment in June and at that time less than 30 days late since payment do on 1st of June and call that month Bc going be off work next 2-3 months.  I got everything turn in that bank requested well now been 4 months and still don't have answers.  I call them and all get we still waited for bank make decisions.  I just went to back to work and made 2 payments should only make me 2 months behind well call let them know and I told that they could reject payment.  Got letter saying something like most enclosed document before began foreclosure and don't understand letter.
Just don't understand how could take home since I'm trying work with them I can't help the that modification hasn't be approved or declined let. If tell me no or yes I can try get money some other way

ANSWER: Hello Veronica,

If you are trying to get a loan modification they are known to take at least 6 months or longer. You will also not get approved for a modification if you are unemployed. Now that you have a job again it is likely that you won't get approved for a loan modification unless your income is now lower then what is was before.

Once the foreclosure process starts, (Usually 3 months after you go late), you will not be able make a partial payment. That means that you have to make up all of the payments that you are late or they will foreclose. You can also call your bank and ask for a forbearance, which is where they divide up the payments that you are behind equally over 12 months. Most people can't do this either as the monthly loan payment will be much higher then what it is normally.
Hopefully this helps.


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QUESTION: Well my husband was working just didn't have enough on one income.  I wasn't really unemployment on maternity leave

That makes it really hard for you. sorry to hear.

Loan modifications are based on your income. if you don't have income for whatever reason then you won't qualify for a modification. My best advise to not lose your house is to find the money from someone to catch up so that you are not accruing more late fees and penalties.



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