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Foreclosure/Where to find currents foreclosure listings per state?


QUESTION: Hi Dennis...we are moving to South Florida in the next 2 months because of a job offer and I have started to do some real estate research and kind of find it impossible to get some good reliable information about foreclosures. Is there any website that would provide listing of houses foreclosure in specific looking for South Florida that you know of? I am a retired Vet and will like to take advantage of any VA repos out there in the market. What is the best way to locate a property?  Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!

ANSWER: The best way is to find a good local Real Estate Agent who knows the market. I can show you areas in Milwaukee where the same style of house is worth 35K and a few blocks away is 70K and a few more blocks 100K or more.
Investment web sites try to get buyers excited. They all use scripts to get people to buy their services. But none of those websites have any idea about local markets.
Information from local Real Estate Agents is always free.
I can search some Real Estate online communities I belong to and see if I can find a good agent I can refer. One who knows how to use the latest technology. If you want a good referral, let me know.

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QUESTION: Dennis...thanks a bunch for your fast reply...yes I would appreciate your referral

Thanks Chris.
Not sure how long this follow up has been in the system. I just noticed it. You can email me your contact info and I can follow up with a few simple questions then find a local agent who should be a good match for you.


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