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Foreclosure/Should I foreclose with my current situation?


Hi tonya,
    My name is Joshua shaw.   I live in conway,sc.   My wife and I purchased our home in oct 2007.    The mortgage was an fha loan with national city mortgage, which has since been bought out by pnc.    I experienced a hardship last September of 2014.  It was only temporary, but it did put me behind on Octobers mortgage.   I first talked to collections in October and they offered me three different payment plans which were just not feasible to for us to comply with based on holidays coming up etc.   collections then told me to work with loss mitigations,  and to not pay any partial payments in that time.   I immediately began working with loss mitigations,  I was miss informed time and time again.  I tried to comply with every request that they asked of me.    Long story short they wasted almost five months of my time.   At this point I am five payments behind, because they said they would not take partial payments.   When the loan reached four past due, I was informed by loss mitigations that I could have been paying down the debt. My mortgage currently went from loss mitigation status to foreclosure status on feb.9 2015.     I had told loss mitigation that I filed taxes on feb 12 and would be able to bring my loan current as soon as my refund is deposited.   My question to you is that,  do you think I should I just walk away from this home or not?    We now have three small children, and we have been looking to rent at least a four bedroom home anyways.    The biggest reason I am contemplating letting our home foreclose is the fact of how far upside down we are in our property.   We owe appx 140,000,   While there are homes in our same area, same floor plans as well sitting on the market for over a year @ 115,000.   We have been undersold all around us, and quite a few foreclosures in our area have not benefitted us either.   With our negative equity, the fact that we need more space and we do not intend to buy anytime soon,  what would you do in my situation?  I am going to consult with an attorney in my area as well,  but I just feel that I would be throwing good money at bad money to stay in a home that we have outgrown anyways.   Thank you for time,
Joshua c. Shaw

So sorry fir the delay in my response. I am so sorry for what has happening to you. Have you considered a shirt sale? You would fine a Realtor to do. comparative market analysis and you would list at that amount. It would be short of what you owe, but it would be less of a hit to your credit than a foreclosure. The IRS could potentially tax you on the difference of what you sell and what you owe as income.

Has there already been a hearing? Is so, there is a Cash for Keys program where they offer you a set amount of money to completely vacate the house with belongings. The amount goes down every 3-4 days, do if they offer, it does have a time limit. It could be $3000 or less.

With a shiort sake, you would still move into an apartment, but if it could be sold, it would not hurt your credit as much. You would not make any money nor would you pay any money for anything. I would recommend looking at that option.

Please feel free to call me at 919-323-0980 if you would like to talk.

I hope this helps!!!



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