Hello Mr pitcher.  My husband and I moved out of a home he owened before we were married,(his name only) and moved into my grandmothers house that she left to both of us . We rented old house to husbands brother to pay for the mortgage. Long story short he destroyed the house, always short on rent or doesn't have it at all and won't move out. If we let it go in to foreclosure can this effect  my grandmoms house since it is in both our names.  Thank you for your time and any  advice this has turned in to a nightmare. We are in delaware

Hello Mary,

The home that your husband owns is still his responsibility until it is sold or paid off. If the mortgage is not paid then the bank can foreclose on the property to try and recoup their money. if there is a deficiency, meaning an amount owed. Then the bank can pursue the deficiency through court which would put your grandmothers house at risk. If the bank doesn't pursue and they forgive the debt then grandmas house is safe.

Have you tried to sell the home yet? Are you upside down in equity? IF there is equity you can sell it for cash to an investor and then you don't have to worry about it. Hopefully this helps.

Brian Pitcher


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