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QUESTION: I have talked to my parents yesterday about it and they are ready to send me US(texas), to study further in texas A&M university for petroleum engineering.
I'm from India and there is a huge huge competition in India in engineering.For example, take IIT mumbai, which is ranked 1st for engineering in India is actually ranked 200+ globally with a acceptance rate of about 4% only(more selective than MIT,USA !)
And don't ask me if I could afford it or am I able to get admission in texas A&M ... I'm pretty much sure I'm...
What I'm afraid of is I'll be coming alone, and since I'm minority (Indian+black), will my 4 years sacrifice to the university worth it..
Also give me a idea about if you have seen any person with same experience here in US that how is it for him..?
(And I'm male)

ANSWER: Hello Bhavook!
Thanks for your question on What a big and exciting change you are anticipating. I think that pursuing your studies in the USA is a great next step; however, whether or not Texas A&M specifically is the best fit for your goals is hard to say. Have you looked into any other universities that specialize in petroleum engineering? One university worth checking out is Purdue in Lafayette, Indiana. Here are some  other programs worth considering.

I understand your concerns about taking the leap to study abroad. The good news is, even though you feel like you are embarking on this adventure alone, US universities welcome hundreds, if not thousands, of international students each year. You will automatically be tossed into a group of people who, like you, are quite nervous to be living in the USA as a foreigner. This community will help you not feel so alone (here are some other homesickness tips), and will in fact enrich your experience.

It is dangerous to be in the mindset "was it worth it" - of course your university education was worth it, it was the next step and building block for your future endeavors. Follow your gut - if its directing you to the USA, then jump in head first and go for it. If you're having reservations, maybe further research all of your options before committing to something specific.

Best of luck, let me know if you have any further questions.
- Megan

Megan Lee,
Study Abroad Director, Go Overseas

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for your answer, it helped me...
I have one more concern...
If I pursue my study in USA , how long after graduating can I stay in US to earn some money, and what are the job opportunities for me when I come back to my home country (India)?
I'm saying the money my parents will spend in my studies , will I have enough time to gain the same amount of money and return the sum back to my parents. I mean they won't give me green card straight off...
Whats the maximum period of time, I can hope for a visa?
Hope you understood my concern..
Ask me if you have any confusion in my question..

You will need to switch to a proper visa in order to stay longer in the US than your student visa is allocated for. It is very tricky to work and study in the US, as my understanding is this is an even harder to come by visa.

I would recommend saving up money prior and working your butt off then enjoying the US and focusing on your studies while on the ground here.


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