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Dear Mrs Lee,

I'm a British student who's still at school at this moment. I'm going to apply to study in Germany soon, but unfortunately i'm still unsure if iíll be eligible to receive the financial aid/student loan i need to fund my studies in Germany. It doesn't seem likely that the British or German government will fund it. :(

I was under the impression that as an EU citizen, I was entitled to everything a German also financially receives. But according to this Wikipedia page (, It seems i wonít be. This British website about university finance says the British government won't fund it either ( I know that there will be no tuition fees if i study in Germany, but i will need to spend about £20,000 in living expenses over 4 years (including rent).

Is there any other way to fund my studies apart from the options above? There must be another organisation who will offer me a low-interest student loan/financial help somewhere. I looked on the Bafoeg website ( but I'm not sure that they will offer me a loan either. Do you know where i can find a loan to fund my studies in Germany? I really want to go there.

Thank you for reading :)


P.s. my parents are both unemployed and won't pay for it

Hi Ryan!
Bummer to hear that your student loans won't carry over. In the grand scheme of things, forking out 20k Euros for a college education / degree is a pretty sweet deal. Count yourself lucky!

To help cover the costs of living expenses, you may opt to 1. get a job while studying (be sure to check out the visa sitch for this) 2. start saving now! 3. look into low cost living arrangements, such as co-ops or renting independently (not living on campus in the dorms).

Here are some other ideas for paying off student debt.

Best of luck!

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