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My niece is 13. She wants to run away and she has mentioned suicide. Her mother is not completely sane. Thats the best description I can give her. She got out of prison a few years ago and puts more effort into NOT getting a job than she does anything else. She goes to the hospital 3-5 times a week trying to get meds. She has even cut herself twice thinking they would give her something for pain. She screams at her dauggter almost everday for no good reason. She calls her horrible names and she even hit her the other day. They both live with my dad. My sister and her partner share the bed while my niece sleeps on the floor which my sister does not keep clean. My niece stays with me or her friends as much as possible but its not enough. She even told her mom today "why should I come home? All you do is sleep and play on the computer. You dont even get out of the bed." All that she said is true. My dad wants to get my niece away from her as much as i do.He still has power of attorney which he got when my sister was in prison. Is there anything he could do? If we contacted dfs would they put her in foster care before they let her live with me? Could my sister do anything if my niece came to my house and refused to leave? We make enough money to take care of her. She would have her own room here with a bed and everything she needs. She is always asking me to adopt her. I know my sister would not sign over her rights. She would not just let her live with me because she gets food stamps and child support. Without my niece she wouldnt get that. Please tell me what i can do. I have to get her away from her mom before its too late!!


     What you and your father have witnessed is child abuse and substance abuse. Your niece deserves better than what your sister can offer. Now you mentioned that your father has power of attorney, do you know if that is in the case of your niece? If so then you father can go to the court and fight for custody or recommend that you be granted custody. Now your sister will most likely try to fight that and you need to show just cause that she is not sound of mind. your best bet would be to find a lawyer to help you build up a custody case instead of contacting the state. The lawyer will know how to proceed to ensure the best outcome. If possible you should get your niece into counseling, this will only help your case. Having the counselor for an expert witness will tell a judge the child's side and make a recommendation that is in her best intrest, also see if lawyer can get a pro- Bono guardian at lightdum, that is basically an attorney for your niece he or she fights for your nieces well-fare.
I think you have a good case, good luck.
I truly hope this helps,


Foster Care and Termination of Parental Rights

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