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Ed,  I own a split level ranch built in 1956. I live on the water and my house is about 40 feet from the end of a tidal canal. I purchased the house in 1984 and have had 2-3 feet of saltwater in my basement maybe 10 times in that time period during storms and heavy full moon tides.  Sandy really did me in with water to the ceiling in my basement and 3feet or so in my den which is in  the lower level of the split level.  The basement is cinder block.  Is there anything that can be done to prevent this from happening again?  Can the basement and house be raised?  Is it expensive and is it worth it.  Can I raise the floor of the Den and if so how would I vent it underneath so if water does get onto the concrete under the raised floor I could prevent mold?  I want to get some advice before starting to rebuild the damage as it is extensive.  Most of my neighbors houses also were flooded badly as they are all on finger canals.

Thank you,  Paul

Hello Paul
I fully understand your dilemma.
The water lever overwhelmed the basement because of the depth being below this level. It will absolutely do the same thing regardless of precautionary measures, if the same situation was to occur again. Raising the home above the expected flood level would absolutely cost much more than purchasing a different home in a higher elevation area.
I would recommend contacting your home owners insurance company and insisting on having a complete structural inspection from a licensed Structural Engineer....This is very important because of the compromised integrity of the surrounding soil and the questionable cinder block displacement from horizontal pressure. (There may be inward bowing)....The sill plate should be closely examined and a written report should be forthcoming so that you may know where you stand safety wise.
I saw the news footage of the disastrous storm and my thoughts are this: It is a miracle that there are so many homes and buildings intact after such an event. Some of the damage may not be fully evident for several months.
My prayers are with all of you down there!

Wishing you the best!
Respectfully          Ed Eckley

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