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Foundation Stabilization and Repair/Driveway sinking & cracking help needed, please?


Hello Mr. Pratt,

I hope all is well with you. I hope you can help me with these concrete driveway questions:

What will cause a drive way to sink and crack like the driveway in this picture?

When having it repaired what should be done to insure that it does not sink and crack again.

This driveway as can be seen in the pictures is severely sloping away from the house and toward the neighboring house.

The concrete is even pulling away from the side of this house, near the house, where the black sealer has been applied.

This house and adjacent driveway are 58 years old.
The pictures can be seen here:

Thanks In Advance,

If the driveway is that old, your problem is most likely just long-term settlement and creep. If there is slope to the concrete away from the home, and there should be, the concrete will have a tendency to move downhill over long periods. The ultimate creep example can be found in Death Valley at the "Devils Racetrack".
I do not have a solution for stopping creep but other firms can hydraulically lift the concrete where it has settled excessively. Some firms may be able to jack the slabs horizontally to move them back into place but I do not have the name of companies that do this.
My specialty is stabilizing clay soils to stop seasonal movement and I do not perform these other specialties.

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