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Hello we recently bought our first home and love it but their is a wall bowing in the basement looks to b maybe 2.5 inches bowed almost straight across owners said it was from backfilling other walls look fine other than minor stair stepping here and there been patched already haven't moved in yet don't no about how bad it leaks does have a drainage hole also they had started putting up 8x8 piers but I believe it was just naked the crap out of to the floor joist mill spec oak joist house was built around the 50's and recently found out they didn't do water proofing around the foundation altho the others put in gravel and French dranage my question is how can I fix this cheaply lol doent look like there has been water damage and doesn't smell like a basement at all can I do a pony wall? Does it need to b straightened looking to brace it and water proof so I can finish it hoping I haven't gotten myself into a lemon praying!! Hope for some good input

Block wall cracked / failed
Block wall cracked / f  

Block wall complete failure
Block wall complete fa  
   A basement sits in a hole in the ground. Unless the surrounding dirt is sand...the hole will try to fill up with water. That is why there is draintile around a foundation. When the draintile fails to evacuate water, the surrounding soil wicks up the water and swells...enough to push in walls.

From your description I would say you need to excavate the exterior walls, push the walls back, stabilize the walls and install new draintile.

...anything less in this case...well, I wouldn't finish the basement if
I were you because you are not addressing the cause and the damage done...guaranteeing problems in the future.

Sorry!   Jim

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