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I'm looking for a temporary solution to fill a hole next to our buildings foundation. the "hole" is approximately 1'x2'x8". we have scheduled a contractor to permanently repair this area but as we are heading into the rainy season I'd like to fill it with something that will prevent rainwater form soaking in. Initially I was looking at an expanding foam product, however the products I found created a permanent adhesion to the surfaces. any possible solutions would be most helpful. thank you in advance.

A simple and inexpensive solution would be to mix up a low density mortar or sand mix to place into the hole. Mix it with much more water than recommended to keep the slump high and the strength low. The contractor can remove it by hitting it a few times with a sledge hammer or using an electric chipping hammer. You could also place a few inches of soil or sand in the hole first to keep the sand mix volume and thickness down.


Foundation Stabilization and Repair

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