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This is not a problem i have, but more of a problem i want to avoid.

I live in Canada. Weather resembles Vermont/New Hampshire. Soil is all clay, watertable is quite high (around depth of footings, frost line is around 5 ft.

I have an existing home with full basement. I want to build an addition on the back. This would require your standard footings and block walls.

Problem is that last year, exactly where i plan to build the extension, i had to dig up the french drain around the footings because it was damage. Quite a big area also. In certain areas i dug to a depth lower that the existing footings( under the drain). The hole was backfilled with clay but not compacted.

What can i do to ensure that i will pour the footings on virgin soil in this case? Do i dig even deeper? Do i compact? What test can i do to tell the soil is compacted enough to build on top? Do i pour wider footings? More rebar? Remove anything loose and pack with stone? Any help is quite appreciated

new construction piers
new construction piers  

Galvanized piers
Galvanized piers  
         Building on disturbed ground is a recipe for disaster. Think of what you would pay to go back and do it right the first time...after having a really expensive settlement problem! Wider footings...sometimes work well, extra rebar is always better...but it's just a guess, right?

Remove any and all previous excavated material, and then go a little deeper. Crushed limestone must be compacted in 6" lifts to be effective. Do you know for sure what you are putting your crushed limestone on???
If you are anywhere near a slope... have a soil boring done to check for slope creep. If soil borings or anythings else indicates there is doubt about the bearing capacity of the soil...install new construction piers first.
Spacing for residential new construction piers is normally 10' O.C.  The piers will absolutely bench into stable strata with no chance for future failure.
Piers run around $ 600-1000 each depending on depth achieved.

Best regards,
         Jim Hise

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