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Hole in crawlspace wall
Hole in crawlspace wal  
Hi Randy,

In one of the walls of the crawl space, there is a hole as thick as a finger. Is silicone stuffed in it from either end sufficient to plug it? I am attaching a picture of the hole.
Had another question. We recently had to remove the vapor barrier in our crawl space because there was a water leak in the kitchen above that got into the crawl space. Now we need to re-install the vapor barrier. We are getting two kinds of offers: One, to encapsulate the whole space with some special plastic - the walls and the floor; Two, to simply lay down a 6-mil visqueen like before, on the floor. Obviously the first option is much more expensive. Is it really necessary? We have a sump pump in the crawl space with a trench, and that, along with the 6-mil visqueen, seems to have been sufficient so far. Our crawl space has no mold at all. It's rather clean. Any insights that you can provide in this regard would be greatly appreciated,


As far as the plugged hole it should not be detrimental to structure.
Perhaps it was an old penetration for a wire or pipe?

If the system you had in place before was doing the job in the crawl space in terms of keeping things dry and preventing mold I would see no reason not to replace with similar.
The one question you should ask yourself is if anyone in the home has any allergy or respiratory problems. If the answer is yes then a complete encapsulation system and humidity
control device could be considered.

Good luck with getting things back in order.


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