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Foundation Stabilization and Repair/Horizontal gap b/t stem wall and slab


Hi Ed,

Jeff here again from OK with stem wall/slab horizontal gap.  You suggested an engineer -we've had two engineers out and both point to the heaving in the corner of the house but neither definitively offered an answer to the gaping.  One just ignored it in his report and the other said he thinks the stem wall has "rolled due to wind loading of the roof".  When pressed for a fix, one suggested helical anchors perpendicular to the stem wall into the slab "might" work.  The other said to remove atleast 2 feet of the entire slab, take a soil sample and then refill and re-pour, but still said the gap was due to the slab heaving.  Builder only wants to remove a little slab in the room with the heaving and repour so as to make the floor level -currently the slab is above the baseboards that are already set up off the floor 1/4-1/2 inch.  Then they want to silicone the gap.  Three different piering companies have looked at the house and one ignores the gap (never puts it in his report) and says there is nothing to do for the heaving of the slab.  The other two are pretty confident that the stem wall has "rolled out" causing the gap.  Confident that they can "roll" the stem wall back a bit, but more importantly prevent any more shifting.  Thoughts?  Is there anyway to send pictures?  They tell alot of the story.  I appreciate your timely response and insight.  Thanks Jeff

Hello again Jeff

I can visualize the gapping and distortion if there is obvious heaving of the concrete slab and probably some sinking areas of the stem wall. I am just sorry to hear that you are having difficulties with engineers and contractors that apparently have limited knowledge or experience?
I am certain that you are experiencing movement and possible damage due to some kind of soil saturation and regardless of the remedial steps of Piering, Concrete replacement, etc....You will need to work with professionals that truly understand proper grade slope and drainage.
Any accumulative snow melt or rain water leaching or other water intrusion in or around your foundation will certainly cause further damage unless it is corrected.
The best advice I can give you is this: Keep trying to locate Licensed, Structural, experts in your area!....Work with the ones that have a very strong track record in problem solving and offer warranty on their work. When you interview various contractors, ask them about their soil knowledge and some of their previous success stories...then check out their references!
Ask them about remedies for drying out the soil beneath the concrete slab!
When you find the right people, You will know it by their confidence.
Do not work with people that show reluctance or try to make guesses or assumptions based on quick fixes or experimentation.
I wish you the best!
Respectfully          Ed Eckley

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