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We purchased a home from the 1850s the home has a michigan basement. The walls in the basement are made up of fieldstone. We live in michigan and recently had a few days of constant rain. one wall in the basement has crumbled to bare dirt. All of the rocks and morter that held it together has fallen I am afraid one wrong move the rest of the dirt will come falling down. We need to build a wall to secure the dirt and rock that is still together. How do we go about doing this. When we purchased the house we had a company look at the basement walls and foundation to see if they were ok. They said the basement has lasted over 100 years and will last another 100years. he said to have a wall poured on the wall that was loose. he said they used to much lime and thats why the wall is falling. any suggestions. thank you

Hey Tiffany,
Sounds pretty scary.  Probably the best solution is to build a shotcrete wall.  In this method you would put a re-bar cage in front of the dirt face and then blow it with at least 8 inches of shotcrete.  Shotcrete is a high strength concrete mix that is blown onto the wall with high pressure. It may need to have geo-anchors installed prior to the shotcrete. Check out this link
I hope this helps.  

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