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hi..i have lived for a long time in a house that has a slab and of course no foundation. this is in miss. and here there is a lot of yahoo clay, and many houses are built on that. this house was built in 1974. the house is shifting all the time, and lately a large window and some pipes under the kitchen floor needed to be replaced, due to old age and the contractor said was due to house shifting. i am wondering if a foundation company would be able to come out and fix this prod, wherebuy the house and no longer move what seems to be all over the place. this gets very old and very expensive. with a job like that at 2500 sq. feet, about how much would that cost to be a reasonable amount?  second, what all is done when such a project is undertaken? thank you!

Hey James,
Sorry for the delay in the answer, I have been on vacation.  There are several ways to address a settling slab.  In my opinion the best way is by using slab piles.  In this method holes are cut in the slab and steel piles are advanced to a stable soil strata.  The slab is then supported on the steel pile with a special slab bracket.  Typically slab piles are spaced around six feet on-center in a grid pattern.  The cost could range from $600 to $1,200 per pile.  Expensive but it permanently solves the problem.  Another method is mudjacking.  In this method small holes are cut in the slab and grout is pumped under the slab until it develops enough pressure to lift.  This method can create other problems and it can not be guaranteed as a permanent fix. The cost is significantly lower than piles. A third method is high strength polymer injection.  In this method an expansive polymer is injected under the slab and lifts the slab by expansion.  It is much safer than mudjacking. The cost for this would be somewhere between mudjacking and piles.  It still can not be guaranteed as a permanent fix.
Another thought: Your house is probably built on very expansive soil.  The soil expands and contracts with soil moisture changes.  If you can somehow control the moisture you may be able to alleviate the problem.  This would be done with drain systems to which I am not qualified to speak.

If there is a Foundation Supportworks dealer in your area they can certainly help you.

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