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We had sinkhole stabiliz. done in Feb. The engr (hired by Fla. State ins. co., Citizen's) stated in his report that grout slump would be tested by contractor and witnessed by engr.  Nevertheless, no testing was ordered nor conducted until after I had all pumping stopped as of the 2nd truck, rejected it, and "all hell" broke loose on-site when the contractor agreed to monitor itself by testing the slump of every truck thereafter.  But the noses of the contractor and engr. cos. were permanently out of joint.  Moreover, I was advised by the engr. that Citizen's is aware that the slump is not being tested on-site.  

Fast forward.  House was lifted 19x and as a result of heaving, we have a sizeable exterior crack at perpendicular walls from the roof to the ground.  Adjacent to that area, on the interior, is our master bath which has rain coming in from the roof on 5 walls.  

The insurance co. says this leaking (now 4' down 2 walls) is not connected to stabiliz.  The sister co. of the stabilization co. is a roofing co. This roofing co. reports that the roofing nails on both sides of the house are as much as 1/4" raised; the original roof installer used nails with the wrong head; the flashing around the vent pipe is out of place (allowing one to see daylight from the inside); and the sealant is separated. Despite the fact that we had no leaking whatsoever anywhere in the house prior to stabiliz., and this dimensional hip roof was installed 12 yrs ago (of its 30 yr life) when the house was custom built, the roofing co. states that in this case, "leaking has nothing to do w/ sinkhole".  I asked if he's ever seen these symptoms as a aresult of stabiliz. & he answered in the affirmative, but reiterated not in this case -- it's just a coincidence."  Citizen's states "the leaking has nothing to do w/ stabiliz."  This defies reason and appears we are getting "railroaded," avoiding liability. Keeping these facts in mind, can you concur that heaving can cause these symptoms in a roof as a result of stabiliz.?  Thank you for your help.

Hello Mary
I have seen in many cases where roofing becomes distorted and damaged from frame racking in a home that is experiencing foundation failure.
The corrective lifting and stabilizing can cause reverse buckling of some types of roofs.
I'm not going to try to guess whether or not you have roofing problems related to the work you had performed to your home because I would not be able to offer an opinion without examining the structure myself.
I can only say that it is possible that the roofing may have become damaged if the frame of the home was manipulated to a point where the distortion affected the shingles.
I wish you the best!
Respectfully          Ed Eckley

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