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The very front of our property is about 18" lower than the paved (sort of) road.   That means that water runs down the (dirt) easement, onto our property and, if there is enough rain or thaw,  it runs along the paths made the year before and pools where we park the cars.
This in turn makes it a mire because there's nowhere for it to go.  Since it is up-slope to get out of our gate,
cars and trucks can and have gotten stuck (including the towtruck that came to pull out the FedEx truck).      To make things worse, our  front neighbor has used a blade to keep the weeds down, making more of a slope.  This makes it easy for the water to run off his (bare) pasture and onto the little road that was made for bigger vehicles.   This takes them to a wide area where they can turn around.    This makes a deep pool (in spite of our efforts to trench the run-off in another direction).   That spot gets so bad that  truck drivers call to ask if they can make it.   With the home business have, we have to have deliveries as well as trash pick up.
We are a small, two women business and there is no way that we can afford to fix these problems.   Is ther a chance we could get a rural business grant to at least bring in base course to fill the holes an lift our parking area?   And if so, how do I find out?   Thank you for your time and effort.

If it is a drainage problem, you may want to try some Condor SS or AG from Earth Science Products. It will take clay soil that does not drain and improve the drainage and strength of the soil when extremely wet. The US Forestry Service has used the SS for just your problem.

Contact Dennis Turner at 503-678-1216.

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