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Hello: I recently purchased a cottage ,and the cottage was laid on what appears to be just a cement base slab. I had a contractor assist in some repairs, and he suggested to pour over the existing concrete and build up a perimeter around the whole foundation.

We did this however an acquaintance came over and noticed that there where no air vents. Now how important is this? Should I drill through the existing cement, and newly poured cement. Should I add some holes for ventilation? if so how many and if I add an electric fan would this be better.
Unfortunately I'm working backwards now I believe.


Trying to understand your scenario.
The structure was built on a slab, I assume with a footing down to some depth.
Then the existing slab was over-poured with another slab?
If this is the case there would be no reason or effective method to vent between the two.

Let me know if I am not understanding your description correctly.


Foundation Stabilization and Repair

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