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 I live in a 6 year old townhome in Philly suburbs.I had water coming in to my basement from 3 places in my basement.They seems to have come from floor and wall joints.WE had a power outage for 12 hours and heavy snow the day before.WE are hit by continuous snow storm.
We didnt have this issue when sandy hit.Our neighbours on either side dint have this issue.could this happen one time since our sump pumps failed.the other battery operated sump couldnt handle when we lost power?our basement is poured concrete.
what should we do next ?

ANSWER: Nithya,
      Yes in a word. Everything points to a water accumulation BECAUSE the sump pump failed. It may take a while for water to drain out the surrounding soil before things dry out. Any leaking cracks can be injected and sealed with a hydrophilic polyurethane injection. The floor joints can be caulked with a flexible silicone caulk designed for concrete use to seal the edges. To find an installer in your area contact for sealing products and repair advice.

good luck,   Jim

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  Thanks for the reponse. All websites have suggested a drain tile system which seems unaffordable for me.Is that the ultimate solution?Would sealing/caulking and buying generator during a power outage would help us with this situation?

      A generator would make a lot of sense. An interior drainage system in my experience tends to create additional wall problems as the water issues outside the wall are not properly addressed. It will also be nearly impossible for the holes they would have to drill to drain behind the walls to stay cleaned out...and they would in turn become clogged as you would not be able to access them in the future. The proper method is to dig up the outside and start over...but may I suggest you see if a plumber can inspect and possibly clean out the outside draintaile. It may be plugged or an inspection may show him where the problem is so that any excavation is very limited in area and cost.
You could also try an additional sump pump in the opposite corner along with your generator if the problem doesn't get better.

Regards, jim

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