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I had my house a (cape cod) built by a contractor in 1989 who put in a basement with poured concrete foundation this is fine.  I put on a porch 8 yr's later 7'x50' long with a attached roof butting in to my house roof.
         When the building inspector came out to ok my foundation for the new porch he wanted 36" down 8" wide wall and belled out to 12 inches at the bottom.  This is in Ohio clay/dirt it was real hard to bell out the bottom, of my trench @ 36" down then go 64' long.  I ask the inspector if a different planed could be done, he came back with the whole trench needs to be 15" wide and 36" deep, I did that.  It has been 18 years now and I see my porch front dropping down along with the floor slanting forward about 2-3 inch drop on both front ends.  Now if I jack up the wood floor to almost where it used to be, would this cause damage to my roof.  The roof is find right now but the floor needs the help.
Thank you

Hello Chuck
It is obvious that the foundation stem wall has sunken down in a saturated soil due to some water infiltration along the foundation. This could be due to storm water collection or possibly roof or gutter run-off.
The most important thing is stopping this foundation sinking situation by insuring positive surface drainage out and away from this foundation. Then you may proceed with remedial frame jacking or corrective alignment of the porch. I highly recommend hiring professional contractors for this type of work so that you do not compromise your home owners insurance or cause any liability issues.
I wish you the best!
Respectfully          Ed Eckley  

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