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I purchased a tri-level home built in 1974 five years ago.  Overall the home is in good condition except for our concrete driveway.  It covers approximately 1500 square feet.  When we bought the home, one of the sections was cracked and sunk about 2 inches on one side.  It is now more like 3.5 inches.  Additionally, we recently had quite a bit of snow and cold followed by 2 days of rain.  The ground is quite saturated.  Just 2 days ago two more sections about 10 feet wide each sank 2 inches end to end.  I am very concerned about how rapidly the ground appears to be shifting.  

There are now multiple trip hazards.  Is this something that be addressed via mud jacking?  If I choose to replace the driveway xis there any way to prep the ground to keep it from happening again?  Is the level of movement a major concern or somewhat common?

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From your description of the movement and settling of the concrete driveway, I would say that you have saturated soil that is allowing the driveway to move around and settle in the affected, wet areas. Generally these types of issues are related to things like negative grade along side of the concrete which would cause storm water to collect and seep underneath the concrete instead of draining away from the concrete at least a few feet, or perhaps there may be sprinkler system leaks or similar plumbing related causes.
Mudjacking is a possible way of re-positioning the affected areas, but there is a strong possibility of re-occuring problems if the soil continues collecting moisture beneath the problematic areas. I would recommend complete replacement of the damaged driveway by experienced, reputable concrete professionals. They should know exactly how to make the driveway last. Proper ground preparation will be part of their expertise and they should be able to warranty their work.
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