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Our Lyndhurst, OH, home was built in 1949, and it was "partially finished" with VOC tile and cheap/thin wood panel walls.  In planning to refinish 2/3 of our basement, we removed the paneling, tile, and black mastic from the majority of the floor.  Removing the mastic exposed thin cracks spanning the entire floor, and the concrete around one of the two drains in the basement appears as if it was crumbling and repaired with some kindof hard thick tar.  

The picture below points to the southeast corner of the basement, and we want to put a full bathroom in that corner.  However, the entire floor slopes towards the middle west side of the basement where the utility sink, washer & dryer are located.  Ideally we would like to have a uniform/flat floor before we partition off the area we want to finish and install a bathroom.

I don't know where to start - should I put in a toilet and shower drain first, or should I look into having the floor resurfaced/repaired?  Do you think it may need to be replaced?  The concrete block walls seem to be in good shape, and the basement was waterproofed (and has been dry) since about 7 years ago.

Any advice you can give is much appreciated.

floor replacement
floor replacement  
      I hope you had the basement waterproofed OUTSIDE... not a water control system installed inside.
Flooring was also affected by water once your draintile failed. Many times water washes out areas under the floor. Once outside waterproofing is installed, everything in the hole will dry out / sink / settle.
If this is the case, and easy floor repair is mixing up SELF LEVELING CONCRETE and pouring it in the settle sections. It's a very easy permanent fix you can do yourself. The material comes in bags from Home Depot. After it's cured...start your bathroom.

BE SURE YOU HAVE ZERO WALL CRACKS ...before you cover the walls...or you may see wall movement in the future from soil pressure pushing on the backfill!

     If you need an inspection company does that!

Best regards, jim

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