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My two story brick colonial house was built in 1947. Every since some street repairs were done a few years ago, the house shakes a
little when a large vehicle rumbles down our street. This makes me worry about possible foundation damage. What would you recommend I do/check to assure the integrity of my home.

Good morning and sorry for my slow response as I have been traveling on business.

Depending on the type of construction, slab (1st floor, crawl space or over basement)

there could be several possibilities. The method and extent of street repairs could possibly

have some influence as well. Depending on the street repair process, it could be a problem of

some improper compaction of base materials beneath the street but not knowing the type of

repair it is hard to speculate. Depending on the soil profile beneath your home there could be

a root cause or influence resulting from any weather extremes the area may have experienced such as drought or substantial rainfall over the recent seasons.

If there are no cracks appearing in the interior walls or exterior brick veneer there may not be any concerns for the immediate future. If you are experiencing cracks either in any area that are new, you may want to have the structure inspected by a company or individual experienced in these types of issues. This could be a structural engineer, qualified home inspector or reputable foundation repair contractor in your area.

It is very hard to speculate on cause and effect of these phenomena without conduction a physical inspection of the structure.

If you are staying up nights worrying about this it would be worth your while to at least make a few phone calls and inquire about having a local area professional inspect your home. It may be worth discussing with your neighbors to see if anyone is experiencing similar concerns to see if there may be a pattern.

Good luck and let me know if you have any positive or negative reports should you decide to pursue an inspection.



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