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FoxPro/Foxprow General Protection Fault


When posting batches to general ledger, we get: FOXPROW caused a General Protection Fault in module <unknown> 040F:521F3/4XXXFOXPROW WILL CLOSE. The XXX show up as boxes.
It appears the data is correct, but when we try to print GL, the sums are wrong.

Hi, Mort,

  I'm sorry your first question gets this answer, but I can't tell you why the GPF is happening.  If you haven't already, I would try a cold re-boot and if it still happens, re-install FPW.  If it still happens, there may be something in your code.

  If I could see the code used when posting and when printing, I MAY be able to provide something more helpful, but what I have now gives me nothing to work with.

Also the following information:

  1.  What's your version of FPW?
  2.  Has the current code for your batch posting process EVER worked properly?
  3.  Has the current code for the printed report EVER produced correct sums?
  4.  Also, the version of your OS may be helpful.

  If #2 and #3 are both NO, then I definitely need to see your code?  If you answered YES, and the re-boot and/or re-install did not solve your problem, you need to look for other changes in your computer (new installations, updates, etc.).

  I am sorry I can't help you with this, please consider pasting your code into a new or follow-up question.


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