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FoxPro/my account is expire


hello sir
i use foxpro2.6 my account is not accept new year date
exme 01-01-2013 if i put the data not accept (invalid input) massege how can i use in this year please help me


  Without being able to see the program that you are trying to use, I cannot be sure of the problem, but it is most likely that the date entry is expecting something other than what you are entering.  

First look at the entry field, will it accept a 4 digit year?

If so, make sure you are entering all four digits in the right place.

If only accepts two digits, it is most likely that the year ("13") is being entered into a position which the date setting expects to be a month, instead of the year, so it's invalid.

For example:  If you cannot enter today's date as 01-08-13, try entering  13-01-08

There is a "SET DATE" command that can change the expected order.

Also, if you type the following command, it will show what order it expects:


It will print a country, such as: "AMERICAN" "BRITISH" "GERMAN"
or it will print an actual format, like: "YMD" "MDY" "DMY"

American is MDY (Month,Day,Year)
British is DMY  (Day,Month,Year) [so is much of Europe]

Good Luck,


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