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Form Sample grid1
Form Sample grid1  
Hi Fred please see attached image to support my question.

How to add and items in a grid1 at the bottom. these items are from the textboxes i created once i press the enter key the date on these textboxes should be added in the grid1.

I am hoping you can help me....

Thanks best regards...


Hi Guilmar,

  Using the ENTER key can cause problems, if you press ENTER after typing the customer number, you'll end up with several blank fields.  I would recommend adding two buttons to your screen, one for ADD and another for EXIT.  That way you could make as many entries as you want before closing the form.  THISFORM.RELEASE in the EXIT button's click event is all you need.  

  Use the ADD button's click envent to actually add your data to the grid.  You'll need to update the source of the grid by adding the new record (a GRID source is usually a table).  After updating the source, reset all your text fields back to spaces.  Once the source is updated, refresh the form with THISFORM.REFRESH and set the focus back to your customer number field.  At that point, the grid should be populated and you're ready for another set of data.  


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