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FoxPro/command window in MS visual studio 2010 express


This is some like silly question but i tried for long time but can't open command windows like VFP 6.0 in MS visual studio 2010 express edition.can show me how?
Thanks in advance.


  This is probably an installation issue.  It is possible to install Visual Studio, without installing VFP.  So, you should first confirm that you are actually starting VFP6.  The Title Bar of your window should display "Microsoft Visual FoxPro 6"  If it does not, you are starting the wrong software.  To determine if VFP is properly installed, look in the PROGRAM FILES folder for VISUAL FOXPRO - under that folder should be two more folders COMMON and VFP98.  Within VFP98 should be the file VFP6.EXE - this is the file you should run to start FoxPro.  If the above folder structure does not exist, perform a search for VFP6.EXE - if you can't find that file, VFP is not installed.

If the Title Bar is correct, the command window should open automatically, but it may be hidden.  You can use Ctrl-F2 to restore the command window, or use the menu: select "Windows" - then "Command Window" to access it.

If NONE of the above works, the window may be open, but has been moved off of the visible desktop.  If this is the case, perform the following steps - IN ORDER

1.  Restart VFP
2.  Press Alt-Space
3.  Press M
4.  Press {left arrow}
 If you don't see the command window, press {up arrow}
5.  Press {enter}

If this restores you command window, you should make certain that the size of your desktop does not exceed the size of your screen.  You can check and/or change the screen size by adjusting its properties.

? _screen.Height
? _screen.Width

_scrren.height = [desired height]
_screen.width = [desired width]

If you change it, the width should match your resolution, but height should be slightly less t allow for title bars, menus, etc.

For example, my resolution is 1600 X 900 and my screen is 1600 X 834.
There are also _SCREEN properties of MaxHeight and MaxWidth, set each to -1

Good Luck,


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