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Hi Fred
I wonder if you might be able to help with a query?

I have a combo box that is populated with the contents of a table and is presented as a dropdown list. When the user selects the field for the first time I want the dropdown list presented to always display from the top of the list.  However sometimes the display might start halfway down the list meaning you have to use its scroll-bar to navigate your way back to the top of the list. Is there a property to ensure the presented dropdown list always displays from the top? I cannot find (any obvious) one. Any suggestions much appreciated as always.
Best regards

HI Dave,

Sorry for the delay.  With the limited information available, I'm guessing that the starting location in the dropdown is determined by the current location of the record pointer.  So, my best advice would be to force the table to the top of the file before the dropdown is activated.  

While there are many places to enter the command, I would recommend using the "WHEN" method because it is always executed at the time access to the object is attempted.  If the WHEN method returns TRUE, the object is available and if the method returns FALSE, the object cannot be accessed.  In this case you would always want to RETURN TRUE so the method would contain only two lines:

      GO TOP
      RETURN .T.

If this does not have the desired effect, please post a follow-up question and I'll try to find an alternative solution.  However, in order to do so, I will likely need more information regarding the various code segments within the form to determine if any of them are interfering with the record pointer.

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