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FoxPro/Run a foxpro2.6 a .EXE program in Windows 7, 64 bit


Hi Fred,
I have an application we created using FoxPro 2.6a. We can run the exe on a Windows 7 32 bit but haven't find a way to run it on a Windows 7 64 bit. Can you help me?

Good afternoon, Debbie,

I'll start by way of an apology, my expertise is in coding, not environments, so the short answer is I don't know.  But...

IF it's possible, it suspect it will have something to do with "compatibility mode" and I suggest trying a FoxPro forum for that, (I think there is still one active on  I'm pretty sure there is a 32-bit subsystem within the 64-bit operating system. I think Windows has the "Program Files (x86)" folder specifically for programs designed for those processors (e.g. 80286, 80386).

You have likely already opened a DOS window and tried to run your .EXE from within it.  But, if you haven't tried it and you don't have a "Command Window" icon, use COMMAND.COM or CMD.EXE in the RUN dialog.  If you have tried it with the icon, I'd still try to RUN COMMAND.COM.  The icon probably runs CMD.EXE and it may still have a compatibility issue.  If that doesn't work and the forums don't help, I'm at a loss.  If it's still included, COMMAND.COM is either at the root of C: or in the WINDOWS/SYSTEM folder (maybe both).

I'm sorry I'm unable to help.

Good Luck



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