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 Sir what is the technical difference between select and use command to open a table
Also sir give brief detail's of both command's
using vfp7

Select cannot be used to open a table.  A table must be opened first ( via the Use command is one way but there are others. ) and SELECT allows you to returned to an already open table.
VFP can have many tables open at one time; each table is contained in a workspace

OK here is an example ( Code not tested ) and assuming VFP 3.0 +

Close Database ALL
USE Table_A   &&-- Opens the table_A
USE Table_B   &&-- Opens the Table_B but closes Table_A because it was in same workspace.

Select 0  &&-- ‘Magic' command that finds a blank work space
USE Table_C &&-- Opens table C,  Table_B is still open in another workspace

Select Table_B &&-- Table_B is now selected, and Table_C is still opened in another workspace

? Alias( )  &&-- Displays on the screen the table name: “Table_B”

Use  &&-- W/O a table name it closes the Table_B
? Alias( )  &&-- Blank as this workspace has no table open in it

Select Table_C
? Alias( )  &&-- Displays on the screen the table name: “Table_B”

FoxPro ( pre visual ) could have from 10 to ~200 tables opened depending on the version. Now VFP can have I think ~32,000 tables opened.  


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