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FoxPro/FoxUser.dbf & FoxUser.fpt


anonymous wrote at 2009-07-01 13:41:18
YES, you can stop your compiled executable from creating those Foxuser files.

Create a file named "config.fpw" and add it to the Other -> Text Files part of your project.  Add the following line to this file:


Recompile your project, and it will no longer create the foxuser.dbf or foxuser.fpt upon starting.  Foxpro's help file has more information about what you can add to the config.fpw file.

RSHRINER wrote at 2013-10-24 16:29:50
Unfortunately, Zaldy was not 100% accurate in his response. The answer to your question is YES!  However, there is only one way to prevent the creation of the foxuser resource file(s): you must include a config.fpw in your project which contains the line "RESOURCE=OFF" (minus quotes).

I know this is a bit late, but don't want others to come across Zaldy's answer and be misled.



rzx wrote at 2015-08-02 21:07:49
Just want to ask if this answer is for what version of foxpro. I check it in both lower version and higher version and it works in higher version not in lower version. Thanks


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