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Hi Genevieve,

I am travelling with 3 of my other friends - 4 young ladies in total- to Paris after Christmas for a week. We are planning to tour Paris for its great monuments and museums - places that I have visited before but none of my accompanying friends have - and to shop mainly for clothes.
It's been quite sometime since my last visit to Paris so I am not quite sure of where to stay, how to tour and where to shop.
My direct questions are:
1. Which shopping places, streets or squares are good to shop at, between Dec. 30th and Jan. 7th?
2. What is easier, to rent a car or to use Paris' public transportation to go around? Any suggestion would really be helpful.
3. I would like you to recommend areas of hotels close to going around Paris, close to shopping areas and close to metro stations if we are going to use the public transportation.
4. What train/ metro and buses passes to purchase to spend a week in Paris?

Thank you in advance for your help, and I am looking forward to your reply.


Hello Lubna

for shopping places
the usuals : Printemps Galeries Lafayette
but also
around les Halles, Le Marais and rue des Martyrs

avoid cars, parking is a nightmare in Paris ! buses and metro are useful and safe as long as you take care of your bags

I would recommend an hotel around Opera because it is really easy to go everywhere from there

I know that tehre are some weekly passes

have a nice trip


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I live in Paris and I usually know what happens in my town concerning museums, theatre, music but also where to have a great hot chocolate or a nice walk in town. I have no direct knowledges for hotels (except their site).

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