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I'm a 25 year old American moving to Lille to teach English in secondary school. I'm interesting in making my clothes look more French and was hoping you had some tips on how young French professionals dress (men) and what kind of clothes/accessories I should look for in order to blend in better in France.



Hello Stephen
if it is a public school : a jean/ khaki with pullover or  a shirt with a jacket is OK. You do not need a tie but you have to avoid too baggy clothes or too distressed pants.
if it is a private school, I think that you need to ask to the director if there is any dress code for teachers.

what I can tell is that for professionnal clothes, you need too be not too casual. so avoid sport shoes too.

If you plan to go to some evening events, a tie can be welcomed or a very nice white shirt.
what is also used is very fine cahsmere or coton vneck.

Lille is a lovely place you will enjoy to be there.



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