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I don't know if I am using expedia right and other sites but does it really cost upwards to $1500 for a round trip ticket from Paris to Niagara Falls, NY? Sounds like a trip to Europe for most must be a once in a life time thing?

Orbitz Example
Orbitz Example  
Hi James -

Unfortunately, prices to Europe have been skyrocketing since 2001, due to gas prices, security taxes, etc.

I did a quick search for you on orbitz. Have you tried flying out of Toronto? I know it's a an hour+ from Niagara Falls, NY, but I found a RT for $716. ( I used Sep 1 - Sep 10 as an example) I always try and fly out on Tues or Weds, as flights are usually cheaper on those days...

See the attached for the example I used.

Hope that helps.

If I can help at all, please let me know.



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