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Hi Genevieve,

My family will be taking our first trip from the USA to Europe this March. On Saturday 19th we will take the Eurostar train from London to Gare du Nord, and from there take the Metro to our hotel near Charles de Gaulle – Etoile. We will mostly use the “L’ Open Tour” buses to see the various tourist spots, then on Tuesday 22nd we will fly back to the US from Charles de Gaulle airport.

My question has to do with purchasing Metro and RER tickets.  It seems that, besides the “L’ Open Tour” buses, the Metro and RER is all that we will need to get around.  We will need RER tickets to ride lines A and B to the airport (Zone 5?), but may also use the RER to go to places within Zone 1.  I have read on the internet that Metro tickets can be purchased at London’s St. Pancras Eurostar station, but can RER tickets be purchased there as well?  Or are Metro tickets and RER tickets the same thing, used for both transportation systems?  I have read about single tickets, a carnet of 10 tickets, a Navigo card, and Paris Visite card.  I’m not sure what would be best for our situation. Do ticket sellers take American credit cards, or do they require EUROs?  My family consists of 2 adults and 2 children ages 10 and 12.  Would the children need their own tickets, and if not how do they get through the turnstiles?  We cannot speak French and I prefer to purchase tickets from live humans who speak English, and not from machines.

Thanks for your help.  Jim

you can use US credit card
TO go to the airport from Etoile you can also sue les bus air france
I advise you depending on your time scedule to take them it will be direct to the airport

For Paris you need only metro tickets for metro and bus there are alsi daily pass
it could be more usable

I hope you will enjoy Paris


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