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Could you please offer some input on the advantages and disadvantages of keeping a business corporate, franchising it, or mixing the two?  This is a niche-demographic fitness business that could thrive in various markets.

Thank you!

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Dear Mike:

You are certainly on target by giving careful thought to the advantages or disadvantages of franchising vs. retaining corporate control over your locations.

When it comes to business expansion a barrier to growth for many companies is available capital. One of the advantages of franchising is an ability to expand more rapidly without infusion of your own capital. In addition to money, opening a second or third business - especially in a location-based business such as yours - takes considerable human capital (i.e. finding a site, negotiating a lease, overseeing equipment installation, and the like). And while a franchisor will likely advise on these matters, the franchisee will handle the majority of the details.  Another advantage to franchising is that you would not be required to secure management in other locales - a difficult task for many businesses especially those in the fitness industry. Your franchisee/owner is motivated by their own capital investment and desire to succeed to manage the business themselves or secure the best local talent.

And while I wouldn't phrase it in terms of a "disadvantage" to franchising, not every company or its management is ready to franchise. Your business must have enough "sizzle" to be credible in the eyes of prospective franchisees. You need to be able to clone your business - is it teachable and are the systems in place so that it can be duplicated? Also, does the business provide enough of a return on investment to be advantageous to you and the franchisee?

Your question also asks about "mixing the two" - company-owned and corporate. I couldn't give a recommended corporate-to-franchise ratio without knowing more detail about your company, its financials, your people, the competitive landscape and other factors. However, it can be said generally that maintaining and even adding corporate locations concurrent with developing franchises is a sound strategy. Continuing to develop corporate locations can help increase the credibility of your offering in the eyes of current and prospective franchisees, can serve as training locations for franchisees, and can increase your company's own overall profitability.

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Thanks for your question Mike and good luck.



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