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Mr. Kern

I am interested in the kiosk business(franchises or not). I am in the process on choosing what kind of sector i should get into.
Can you tell me what kind of kiosk business has  potential to growth. I understand that every business can be profitable or not it depends on so many factors but i am in the process of choosing what kind of kiosk business i should get into, I need some indicators to keep in mind to be able to do it.
Can you help me?

Thank you


I assume that you are talking about kiosk businesses inside shopping malls.  In that business, retail sales of items purchased at wholesale is tough because rent is so high in malls.  People who seem to be doing better in that segment are businesses that provide a service, or provide some value added in connection with a product sale.  So selling jewelry is tough, whereas engraving jewelry allows a higher price and a higher margin -- or at least a higher average sale. Similarly, adding value by, for example, freshly baking a pretzel as opposed to selling packaged candy and snack, allows the merchant to sell at a higher price and margin.

Focus on businesses that provide more than just resale of a product.  Provide service or special added value.  The more unique the added value or the more useful the service, the better.

We help small businesses negotiate franchise agreements and leases.  Let me know if I can help you in your venture.

Scott Kern


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