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Hi Sarah,

I've got a small business, it's a personal training studio. I have about 10 staff and it's doing quite well. I want to expand, and currently I have the processes and systems to open my 2nd location. I buy the building, pay it off and setup personal training for clients, I give my manager 27.5% of the net earnings and he's happy, I get a lot of freedom. Currently I only spend about 4 hours actually training clients and about 8 hours worth of meetings. My manager takes care of pretty much everything except the marketing and lead gen, which I control.

What I want to do is like what Gordon Ramsey does with his restaurants. He starts one up, puts in a manager...get's it up to speed and the manager a healthy percentage then moves to open another one. Everyone's not franchising...but I was wandering what this sort of business structure is called. I want to learn more about it. Can you please help me.


Hi Rob, thanks for getting in touch with me.  If you have some time to meet we could and go through this. What you are looking at doing is possible and is a form of franchising via the licensing model. If you are interested, please send me an email at

All the best. Look forward to hearing from you

Sarah Kulbatski


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