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QUESTION: I am interested in purchasing an Anytime Fitness franchise in an area of Virginia that is not only very near an expanding military base, but also abuts three suburban communities, numbering close to a total population of 60K people, if not already surpassing this number.  The nearest competition in terms of a gym are the local rec centers and YMCA, and from what reports I've heard, not only are they not 24/7 operations, but they overcharge and to put it kindly, their equipment and facilities are on the whole unsatisfactory.  

I am interestedin writing a letter to an SBIC, either in my area, or one that that would be interested in investing in what appears to be a well received business (#6 in this year's Entrepreneur's top 10) as I would need to cover a good portion of the required start-up costs.  Do you have any ideas whom I should approach, or if this is a good idea for me?  Also if you do think this is a good idea, what are some tips that I could use in drafting my initial letter to such an individual or company.  I appreciate any help you can give.  Thank you so much.


This sounds like it may be a good fit for the area, but there are lots of factors that must be looked at...not just financing.

However, if you don't have a decent net worth, the franchise company may not look at awarding you a franchise at all.

Figure $300k minimum net worth along with $50k in liquid capital.

Have you contacted Anytime Fitness yet? You may want to make sure that you qualify.

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Joel Libava


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QUESTION: Thanks, sir.  Actually I already contacted Anytime and after I explained how much liquid capital I can get, they approved me to the next stage, their real estate department.  

I still wanted to know if you had any advice about drafting a letter to a potential SBIC.  Would you be able to help me there?


That's fantastic!

For your letter, here's what to do:

Contact your nearest SBDC. They offer free services to startups. Someone there may be able to help you draft a strong letter.


Good luck!

Joel Libava


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