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Dear Mr Libava,

I am an expat Canadian living overseas and moving back to a new province after 10 years. I'm seeking franchise ownership as part of the moving back process. I wrote to a franchise concept that offers an after school education and performance concept.  I will be moving within a year to a new community.  The franchisor's ideal franchisee qualifications are community leadership, and being active within their schools.  

They have asked me where i live when i wrote to them about my interest. They also sent along an NDA, application and offered a Skype call.   I don't want to be deceitful about not being presently in the new community but also don't want to have this opportunity shut on me due to not being able to communicate my situation and potential as an owner.  By the way the franchisor has only a few owners in Canada, which is where i would be moving.

How might i reply to their question of where i am and communicate my situation effectively?


Hi Sunny,

I think you should go for it.

Share your story with them...make it a personal one. Share your plans on moving back.

Be transparent. If they want to continue engaging with you, great. If not, there are lots of opportunities around.

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