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Dear Mr Libava,

There are franchise consultanting companies out there who have a system whereby they match potential franchisees with franchisors based on the promise of an understanding of ones personality, business style, preferences etc.

Do you feel this is a reliable method to go about the selection for franchise ownership. Of course the right tool in the right hands makes all the difference, but any note of caution?


Lots of caution, and here's why:

1. These brokers (consultants) only work with franchisors who will pay them-so you're not getting access to all franchisors and their unique concepts.

2. $20,000 commissions...that's right, brokers get paid BIG money for making a successful "match" which tends to preclude for the most part, the "I'm here to help you buy the right franchise" type of marketing logic that they tend to spout.


There are some excellent brokers who I like and trust. If you decide to work with a broker to help you find a franchise, get references and do a Google search of them.



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