QUESTION: Good day
As a business student, I am searching for a franchise manual sample.
Where can one find a franchise manual on the internet; searched but did not find any.

ANSWER: hi Sam,

although all franchise manuals have their standard template sections, the manual varies from concept to concept and is conformed to whatever brand is being taught and/or dealt with.  is this for a project?

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Thanks for the answer. Its for educational use to extend my knowledge for a marketing course I am currently pursuing.


Some general info that might help you out ...

A franchising manual typically contains 250-300 pages of standards and procedures you’ll need to learn before you can open for business. It’s also something that you’ll refer to often, especially during the first few months of your franchise business being open.

Here’s what you’ll usually find in the manual:

Company history, plus its short, and long-term goals
Information on franchisee support
Step-by-step operating procedures
Employee hiring and termination policies and procedures
Employee training information, plus job descriptions and pay scale recommendations
Payroll processes and implementation
Accounting and banking procedures
Customer service policies-complaint-handling procedures

The franchising manual is the “how-to” part of the business you’ve purchased.

Good luck!!


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