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Hello, I would like to make a traditional folk costume for the Normandy region.  While I can find many pictures, the hats and dresses would be much easier to make if I could find a pattern, or even a place to buy it. Could you help?

Hello Roslyn,

I am not sure I could help, living in the Alsace region, not in Normandy, I'm not specialized in folk costumes from this region. I've had a look on Google, and there are many medieval costumes.
here is a forum where you may find more information :
(for medieval costumes, but who knows maybe someone from Normandy can help).

Another site with many links on patterns :

If you want to buy a hat, I have found several ads on "le bon coin" it is a very famous website where people can buy and sell different things.

I am sorry for not being more helful..



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