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Mr Jones:
I'm looking for a french horn that I can take to college. However, I need to know what I need to save for. I would really love to find a used instrument that was cared for well and has sustained it's sound. I looked through your previous answers. Unfortunately, I have not found what I was looking for in my price range. Is there any other approach you would suggest?
Thank you!

Hi, I presume you're looking for a double horn - but you don't say what your price range is. The bottom line for any kind of decent instrument would be around $750, if you're patient and lucky then you might well find something useful for that. I've advised one or two people who have ended up with King horns for about that much - one only paid $650.

Keep checking Ebay and any other secondhand listings such as craigslist. Unfortunately between now and Christmas tends to be the most expensive time to buy secondhand instruments. But as I say, be patient and something will pop up. If you want me to vet any individual horns send me the links directly - jonesthehorn "at" btinternet "dot" com, replace the bits in quotes with the usual symbols.


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