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I have been playing horn for 2 years and next semester I'm switching to trumpet but I want to eventually switch back to horn but will playing trumpet make it more difficult to play well when I switch back?  is it possible to be good at both of them?  I was considering using an adapter so I could continue to play on a horn mouth piece would that make the transition back to horn easier

Hi Jessica, I don't think you'll have a lot of success playing a trumpet with a horn mouthpiece, I've tried it and it sounds really rubbish... Look for a deepish trumpet mouthpiece that feels comfortable, a 3B (Bach or Giardinelli numbering) works ok for me. Better than the standard 7C.

I don't think you'll find it's too bad switching back to horn as you've already spent two years establishing a horn embouchure - you might have to work on your low register a bit.

In the long term the two aren't normally compatible - too much difference in embouchure and blowing methods. But everyone is different, so see how you get on.

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