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I have a Holton French Horn, serial number 616781.  My parents bought it for me around 1988 and I was curious what model it was.  Can you tell from the serial number?

Hi, a lot of Holtons have the model number on the mouthpipe but I guess yours doesn't...

You can't tell the model from the serial number, but if you send a photo or two I can give you an idea. Either attach them to a follow-up question or e-mail me directly at jonesthehorn "at" btinternet "dot" com  (replace the bits in quotes with the usual symbols...)

Alternatively you can deduce from the following:

Yellow brass horns are either H378,H178 or H180
Nickel silver are H379, H177, H179
Red brass bell and yellow body H181

Intermediate models H378 & 379 don't have a removable F horn slide on the front, sticking up from the thumb rotor. All Farkas pro models have a removable slide there.

You can only tell H178 & H180, H177 & H179 apart by the bell throat size, H177 & H178 are medium, H179 & H180 very large.

Hope this helps


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