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I'm looking to purchase a horn for my son.  He's been playing horn for a little over 5 years.  Up to now, he's been playing an instrument owned by the school music program and loaned to students.  When he was younger this was a Conn 6D, now a Conn 8D.  He would like to get a horn of his own, but I'm at a bit of a loss as to what instruments I should be considering for him.  He has some talent as a player, and I would like to get him an instrument that helps him take advantage of that.  I've been looking at Conn 8D horns, but not sure if it matters when the horn was made.  I've also been looking at Hoyer and Holton horns, but again, not sure exactly which models I should be considering.  I think he would do well with a professional level horn...  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Hello, I assume you're looking at secondhand horns. I think you're basically going along the right lines, but would favour maybe a medium-bore horn such as Holton 177 or 178, or maybe a Yamaha or Hoyer, rather than the Conn 8D which, although it has almost achieved legendary status as "the instrument of the great Hollywood horn sound" and so on, isn't actually that good. And a lot of the old ones go for very inflated prices. Then again if he's playing an 8D already he might be happier with one of those.

Obviously there are all sorts of horns out there and I'm quite happy to answer queries on individual instruments you might be considering, just e-mail me the details or a link to the advert if there is one. You can e-mail me direct at jonesthehorn "at" btinternet "dot" com  (replace the bits in quotes with the usual symbols...)


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