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Hi AJ, appreciate your advice. I called ebay about that holton 378, and by the time I looked up the item number, it was sold! I just lost a bid on a yamaha567, and think i would rather use the buy it now option. Do you have any advice regarding this horn?  what do you think about these horns in general, and the price? What is the main difference between a silver/nickel horn and a brass one? Thanks so much. Merry, happy holidays!

Hi, looks like I didn't quite make it in time for this one either as the listing has ended. I've not tried the H379 but the similar pro model H177 is a very nice horn and I'm sure the 379 is too.

There's a slight difference in sound quality between yellow brass and nickel-silver, but not a huge amount - nickel-silver is a harder metal than yellow brass so the resonance is slightly different. However, everyone makes their own sound - the difference between two different players playing the same horn is always much bigger than that between one player playing two different horns.

Generally I'm a big fan of Holtons, whether 378s or pro models, but the Yamaha 567 is also a nice horn. Yamahas do seem to command a premium price on Ebay though.


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